Website Speed Test

Analyze and test your website loading speed.
Find out how fast your site loads and get recommendations to improve performance

Check the speed of your website

Having a fast site is very important. Most of your visitors might leave if your website does not load in 2-3 seconds, so it is vital to optimize your site for fast performance. Use this tool to find out how well your website loads from up to 11 locations around the globe.

How does this tool work?

We send a command to load your website to 11 website monitoring probes and wait for an answer. As soon as we get an answer, we display the response times on the map to get a clear view of your site speed around the globe. Also, we provide more detailed information in a table below. Just enter your website URL, and we will check it's speed immediately.

What technology do you use?

We use real Google Chrome browsers to load and render your website fully and get accurate website loading speed results.

Recent checks

Site URL When Average response time Today 3.00 s Today 6.80 s Today 14.20 s Today 2.50 s Today 1.20 s Today 13.10 s Today 1.10 s Today 4.40 s Today 0.40 s Today 2.60 s