Website Speed Monitoring

Website load speed matters. We will check if your site fast enough.

How does it work?

A quick explanation of website speed monitoring

Setup monitoring

1. Setup speed monitoring

Create an Uptimia account and setup your website speed to be monitored.
We monitor your site

2. We monitor your site

We use a real web browser to load your website completely and measure its speed.
We alert you when things go wrong

3. Get alerted when it gets too slow

When it gets too slow or experiences other technical problems, we will inform you by SMS or E-mail.

Analyzing your website using everyday life tools

Instead of just checking your site uptime

Real Browser  Real Browser
We use a real browser to load and render your website completely. That way, unlike with Uptime Monitoring, we can measure the actual loading speed, site weight and the number of elements to load. Loading your website as often as every minute!
171 Worldwide Locations  171 Worldwide Locations
Our monitoring network is scattered across six continents. A wide range of monitoring servers means that you will know if your website is fast enough across many different countries.
Page Speed Monitoring

Find errors and fix them

Before your customers see them

Detecting Dead Elements  Detecting Dead Elements
A missing image can be embarrassing. Find out which elements are not loading correctly and always be sure that all of them are loading fine for your visitors.
3rd Party Domains  3rd Party Domains
Measure how much time does it take for all external elements of your website to load. Identify if they are taking too much time and slowing down your site.
Website error monitoring

Always be informed

About the health of your website

Uptime Monitoring  Uptime Monitoring
As well as tracking your website speed, we will also notify you if your site is unreachable.
Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting  Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting
Get routine reports regarding your monitored websites. Use that information to prove your clients or your boss that the site you are taking care of is in good hands. Customize reports with your company colors and logo.
Uptime Monitoring

What do our customers say about us?

Just a few of our satisfied clients

User review
Warren Pruitt
@ Petmeds
We use Uptimia to monitor our pet pharmacy e-commerce store and could not be happier. We are particularly satisfied with their speed monitoring service. They saved us from trouble many times.
User review
Jeanne Benson
@ Sharecare
We find Uptimia very useful and reliable. Stability is crucial for our healthcare platform and, Uptimia has been doing a great job to help us meet our SLAs.
User review
Christian Schmidt
@ Skywest
We are very satisfied with the way Uptimia works. We use it to monitor our website (airline industry), and guys at Uptimia fulfill all of their promises.