Website Transaction Monitoring

Multiple-step monitoring for your website

How does it work?

A quick explanation of real user monitoring

Setup monitoring

1. Setup real user monitoring

Create and Uptimia account and add a small snippet of code to your website.
We monitor your site

2. We gather information for your visitors

We will collect tons of data from your visitors' web browsers and analyze it.
We alert you when things go wrong

3. Get alerted when something goes wrong

We will immediately alert you by SMS or e-mail if we notice that your visitors are experiencing performance issues with your website.

Measure your visitor satisfactoriness

Get data directly from your visitors

Detailed Load Speed Data  Detailed Load Speed Data
Real User Monitoring provides you with an opportunity to see how satisfied your site visitors are. You can also see how satisfied your users are at different times of the day. That way you can find out if your server can handle the number of visitors during peak hours.
Improve Loading Speed  Improve Loading Speed
Site loading speed is significant for your Search Engine Optimization. It is also extremely important for your visitors. Research suggests that visitors leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Find out, easily, if some parts of your website are loading more slowly than others.
Real User Monitoring

See your website through your visitors' eyes

To understand how they see your site

No Synthetic Browsers  No Synthetic Browsers
Get data directly from your visitors, instead of relying on synthetic tests performed by fast servers. Collect data from different browsers, countries, operating systems, and pages of your site. Test your whole website, not just selected features.
Loading Phases  Loading Phases
Get data about loading phases, such as DNS resolving, receiving, waiting and rendering times. Use that data to improve your site loading time. Find out if you need a Content Delivery Network (for example, in cases where your website loads slowly for visitors from other continents).
Data from website visitors

Lots of invaluable data

To make your website even better

Analyze the Map  Analyze the Map
Get a clear map with loading speed times for your visitors globally. Use that information to find out which countries are problematic. Get information about the percentage of international visitors.
Get JavaScript Errors  Get JavaScript Errors
Your visitors use many different browsers running on many operating systems, which makes JavaScript debugging insanely tricky. Find out where your users are getting JavaScript errors and get rid of them!
Global page speed data

What do our customers say about us?

Just a few of our satisfied clients

User review
Warren Pruitt
@ Petmeds
We use Uptimia to monitor our pet pharmacy e-commerce store and could not be happier. We are particularly satisfied with their speed monitoring service. They saved us from trouble many times.
User review
Jeanne Benson
@ Sharecare
We find Uptimia very useful and reliable. Stability is crucial for our healthcare platform and, Uptimia has been doing a great job to help us meet our SLAs.
User review
Christian Schmidt
@ Skywest
We are very satisfied with the way Uptimia works. We use it to monitor our website (airline industry), and guys at Uptimia fulfill all of their promises.